Green Energy: definitive solution or band-aid?

With the Renewable Energy Directive, the Spanish government proposed to abolish the need of Environmental Impact Assessment for “Green Energy facilities”.

The Environmental Policies of the World Economic Forum: Conspiracy or Salvation?

The behavior of the World Economic Forum has raised controversial opinions among the people. Some look at the Forum with suspicion, others believe they truly care and act for the environment.

The (Un)Sustainable Sport

Some outdoor sports increase our happiness so much that sometimes we are forget about their environmental cost.

How much water does your 24-hours day consume?

How much water do we use every day? Understanding how we use water is crucial to tackle the water crisis and sustain the freshwater demand of all beings.

Un Fico Secco

Deadly Beautiful Dutch Agriculture

Zero compensazione per la Zima Pù Bela

“Na Granda Jaggianata”