Three Environmental Initiatives Making a Difference in Brazil

Climate-related news is not just bad news. Today we look at three environmental projects being carried out in Brazil. A river pollution barrier, a nature restoration project and a children’s education initiative.

Who’s That Snacking On The Mulberry Tree?

As the exclusive feed of the domesticated silkworm, the mulberry tree stands as a cornerstone to global silk production. In Trentino-Alto Adige, urban lore speaks of summertime tales when the berries and cooling shade to taste particularly sweet.

“Tomorrow Belongs to Those Who Are Preparing to Face It Today” (Malcom X)

The project Hydro Comics & Podcast in Piana Rotaliana aims to raise awareness of sustainable water resource management in Trentino. We worked with local schools to tell the story of a community’s relationship with its territory and water.

The High Seas Treaty: Protecting Oceans’ Biodiversity

Deep seawater ecosystems are under several threats, with the inconvenience that the management of those areas does not belong to any country. How do we deal with this, and what are those menaces?

Balancing Agriculture and Sustainability in the EU

The European Union (EU) stands at a crucial crossroads as it seeks to balance agriculture and food supply with sustainability and environmental preservation. What are the challenges?

Climate-Smart Forestry

Can our forests survive current climate change? Will they bring us all the benefits they still provide? How can we make sure that our forests are well managed over the long term even in the climate-change era?

Re-naturalization is possible!

We are doing our part to protect the environment and ecosystems by planting trees involving local communities, and fortunately there are other positive stories about nature restoration, you will find many inspiring examples in this article.

A World of Plastic: Soon to an End?

8 million tons of plastic enter the world’s oceans every year. However, scientists say it is possible to slash 80% of that pollution by reducing the growth of production, improving waste collection, and investing in recyclables.

A two in one: caterpillar then butterfly!

The marsh fritillary is an iconic butterfly species; but its population size has decreased dramatically in the last 50 years across the British Isles.

En Route To Sustainability

Sailing is embracing environmental sustainability, aiming to reduce its environmental impact and promote environmentally friendly practices with a focus on pollution reduction and marine biodiversity protection.

The Country That Cried Wolf: Human and Wolves Relationship

Some months ago, there was a proposal to lighten the protection status for the wolf in the EU. The proposal was turned down, but that was neither the beginning nor the end of the controversy this animal carries along.

A Virtuous Example of Combining Tourism and Land Conservation: The Case of Val Poschiavo (Switzerland)

Thanks to territorial brands, tourism becomes an opportunity for environmental protection and education: “100% Valposchiavo” is the first territorial brand coming from a non-urban area.

It Takes A Flower

Botanical discoveries drive mankind toward an incessant need for determination. Species that live in a territory are distinguished from others and named. A true botanical version of a treasure hunt.

Brazilian Biomes – Chapter 2: Cerrado The Inverted Forest

Exploring the heart of Brazil, today we land on the Cerrado. Understand how the biome is a key piece for the safeguarding of Latin-American rivers and how you can make a difference in its survival.

The Olympic Forest Project

Initially focused on Mali and Senegal, the Olympic Forest aims to expand to the entire world by involving local communities.

The Dirty Water Dilemma

“We’re Swimming in sh*t” was stated to indicate the massive amount of pollution in the oceans. We dive into the threads of sewage and chemical pollution to understand the challenges facing our waterways today.

Tales from the Caatinga: The Vision of an Expert

Prof. Francisca Soares de Araújo, a biologist, and Sarah Ferreira discuss here the challenges of Caatinga. In this conversation, they talked about the dangers involved in the new dynamics of this Brazilian region.

March 26th: International Climate Day

32 years have passed since the 26th of March was deigned as Global Climate Day. How has climate changed these years and what do we have to do for the next ones?

Waste Management: State of the Art and Future Emergencies

Waste production is one of the main environmental pressures because of its many drivers and impacts. Waste reduction is a priority and it needs to focus on waste management and lower waste production.

Alm Sweet Alm

Pastures are a living part of Alpine culture and landscape. They are a history of men and animals, an example of integration between man and nature and represent a landmark for mountain agriculture, economy and society.

Close to the Water, Far From Home: Manx Shearwaters on Migration

The Manx Shearwater embarks on an epic 11200 km migration each Autumn, from Islands in Northern Europe as far south as Patagonia, overcoming adversity in the face of storms, collision courses, predators and light pollution.

Forest Green Rovers: the Greenest Football Team in the World

Forest Green Rovers is an English football team becoming the world’s first zero-emission club in 2018. The club aims to be a model of sustainability, showing that football can co-exist with environmental responsibility.

Farmer’s Strikes: The Need of Reshaping Spanish and European Agriculture

We have been seeing several strikes coming from the countryside lately. What are their claims, how and to what they can affect, and which are the possible solutions?

How the EU is Revising its 2040 Climate Targets amid Farmers’ Strikes

Behind the EU’s ambitious 2040 climate targets lurks a controversial omission of agricultural emissions and a heavy reliance on unproven carbon capture and storage technologies.

Will Bicycles Save the Big Cities?

Can cars and pedestrians coexist in large cities? The number of cars is growing, and Italian mobility is unsustainable. Will the bicycle be the ideal way to get around metropolises?

Less for More: the Shrinkflation

Recently inflation has been on the rise and the cost of living has increased in all areas. Price increases are everywhere, but we would like to focus on one particular phenomenon plaguing supermarket products: shrinkflation.

A Battle in the Alps: A Story of Climate and Men

Ecological tensions in the Alps appear as intense today as never before. Are the mountains we have always believed immutable so indifferent to the shared actions of man and nature?

Brazilian Biomes – Chapter 1: Caatinga

This year, we shall explore the Brazilian landscape! First stop: Caatinga, a place once seen as empty and forgotten. Discover why this ecosystem doesn’t get what it deserves and learn its challenges in staying protected!

The Time of Glyphosate

“But then, does glyphosate kill (as environmentalists say) or does glyphosate increase agricultural yields and ensure food globally (as farmers’ representatives say)?”

2023: A Year to Strengthen our Socio-Environmental Activities!

An overview of our 2023: an industrious year that strengthened us and added momentum to our social-environmental activities.

The Main Outcomes of COP 28

The 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) has taken place from November 30th to December 12th in Dubai. Here are some of the main points, important decisions, declarations, and outcomes.

Sustainability Implications of Dutch Far-right Victory

The far-right victory of Dutch populist Geert Wilders fits into the growing right-wing sentiment in Europe. GreenMarked explored the implications of this election result for sustainability in the Netherlands.

The Point of View of AI

Hello ChatGPT, can you write an essay of 500 words about the environmental impact of AI, by dividing it into an introduction, a main body and a conclusion?

The Alien Crayfish

The Louisiana red crayfish is an aggressive invasive species introduced by humans worldwide. Northern Italy is now facing its increasing spread and an outbreak of crayfish plague that has the potential to cause the extinction of the native species.

Enhancing Alpine Landscapes

How can forests protect us from natural hazards in the Alps? Technical preventive solutions have been accompanied by biological measures related to careful silvicultural practices for decades.

Brazil’s Burning Beats

Brazil is grappling with heatwaves and water scarcity in the Northern region, where the Caatinga ecosystem is undergoing desertification. Climate action and water management strategies are urgently needed.

Losing Soil, Losing Opportunities. A Threat for Trentino

Soil loss in Italy is increasing, especially in Trentino close to cities and tourist areas. Green areas prevent this loss and provide benefits to the health of communities. It is time to reverse the trend.

Football World Cup and Massive Events’ Environmental Effects

Three continents and six countries for the 100th World Cup. It will be an emission-free event. Two statements that do not go hand in hand. We need to reshape the values sport teaches and add sustainability.

Dutch Cities to Hit 50 Degrees?

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) has released new climate scenarios that provide insight into what weather changes await the Netherlands in the coming decades as a result of climate change.

Water and trees… concrete and smog

Water crises, water bombs, and overbuilding. Can we design better, greener and more functional cities for our future? Nature and technology can help us: Have you ever heard of rain gardens?