Brazilian Biomes – Chapter 2: Cerrado The Inverted Forest

Exploring the heart of Brazil, today we land on the Cerrado. Understand how the biome is a key piece for the safeguarding of Latin-American rivers and how you can make a difference in its survival.

Tales from the Caatinga: The Vision of an Expert

Prof. Francisca Soares de Araújo, a biologist, and Sarah Ferreira discuss here the challenges of Caatinga. In this conversation, they talked about the dangers involved in the new dynamics of this Brazilian region.

March 26th: International Climate Day

32 years have passed since the 26th of March was deigned as Global Climate Day. How has climate changed these years and what do we have to do for the next ones?

Farmer’s Strikes: The Need of Reshaping Spanish and European Agriculture

We have been seeing several strikes coming from the countryside lately. What are their claims, how and to what they can affect, and which are the possible solutions?

How the EU is Revising its 2040 Climate Targets amid Farmers’ Strikes

Behind the EU’s ambitious 2040 climate targets lurks a controversial omission of agricultural emissions and a heavy reliance on unproven carbon capture and storage technologies.

A Battle in the Alps: A Story of Climate and Men

Ecological tensions in the Alps appear as intense today as never before. Are the mountains we have always believed immutable so indifferent to the shared actions of man and nature?

The Main Outcomes of COP 28

The 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) has taken place from November 30th to December 12th in Dubai. Here are some of the main points, important decisions, declarations, and outcomes.

Sustainability Implications of Dutch Far-right Victory

The far-right victory of Dutch populist Geert Wilders fits into the growing right-wing sentiment in Europe. GreenMarked explored the implications of this election result for sustainability in the Netherlands.

Brazil’s Burning Beats

Brazil is grappling with heatwaves and water scarcity in the Northern region, where the Caatinga ecosystem is undergoing desertification. Climate action and water management strategies are urgently needed.

The Glacier Caravan from Satellite

The Glacier Caravan, now in its fourth edition, ended recently. We will retrace the 6 stages through as many satellite images of each glacier, allowing everyone to see how dramatic the situation is with each passing year.

Extreme summer heat as the ‘new normal’?

Never such a hot day. Never such a hot week. Never such a hot month. Chances are that 2023 will be the warmest year on record.
Forest fires, tourist evacuations, crop failures and floods are the “new normal” you will hear people say. We show you why it’s not.

What time is it? It’s summer heatwaves time

Summer heatwaves turn out to be a predictable phenomenon for Italy. It is in recent weeks that the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security published the new National Climate Change Adaptation Plan. Will this be a definite turning point for our Country? In the meantime, heat persists, and even small provincial towns far from urban centers are affected by global climate dynamics.