A participatory process for Trentino’s Sustainable Development

Thanks to a participatory process that involved citizens, students, experts, authorities, NGOs, and tourism agencies, Trentino became a cutting-edge province in terms of sustainable development.

Trentino Clima 2021-2023: Countermeasures to mitigate the climate crisis in Trentino

Providing the provincial administration with guidelines to contrast the climate crisis locally, the Trentino Clima 2021-2023 Plan is an excellent example of virtuous engagement between public and private bodies.

A school, windstorm Vaia and Alpine forests restoration

A tree planting activity in Trentino has taught secondary school students about extreme events, reforestation and the human impact on Alpine forests.

An organic district for the Province of Trento: rejected, but…

The referendum to establish a provincial organic district in Trentino was rejected but it shows that more than 65,000 Trentino citizens want a more sustainable type of agriculture.

2020: Turning a Personal Blog into a Business

2020 finally ended. It was an outstanding experience. Here’s our 2020 GreenMarked year review.

Let’s re plant South Tyrol!

Replanning post-Covid19 society

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