En Route To Sustainability

Sailing is embracing environmental sustainability, aiming to reduce its environmental impact and promote environmentally friendly practices with a focus on pollution reduction and marine biodiversity protection.

A Virtuous Example of Combining Tourism and Land Conservation: The Case of Val Poschiavo (Switzerland)

Thanks to territorial brands, tourism becomes an opportunity for environmental protection and education: “100% Valposchiavo” is the first territorial brand coming from a non-urban area.

The Olympic Forest Project

Initially focused on Mali and Senegal, the Olympic Forest aims to expand to the entire world by involving local communities.

Forest Green Rovers: the Greenest Football Team in the World

Forest Green Rovers is an English football team becoming the world’s first zero-emission club in 2018. The club aims to be a model of sustainability, showing that football can co-exist with environmental responsibility.

Spain’s Wetlands at Risk: We need different Agricultural Practices to Ensure Conservation

Southern Europe countries, like Spain, are sensitive to drought, which is an impending threat due to global warming. Wetlands are even more sensitive and key for biodiversity and human life. What can we do to protect them?

Brazil’s Transversal Approach for the Environment

After the anti-democracy riots in Brasilia last month, Lula’s Brazil aims to simultaneously tackle social inequality and environmental protection.

Protected Areas and Tourism for Trentino’s Sustainable Development

Thanks to an idea of a decade ago, sustainable tourism has enhanced the natural and cultural value of Trentino’s protected areas.

Italy’s Wood to Fight against the Energy Crisis: Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Thanks to its well-developed forestry sector, Italy can use its wood-energy industry to tackle today’s energy and economic crisis and pave the path towards a true “Forest Sovereignty”.

A participatory process for Trentino’s Sustainable Development

Thanks to a participatory process that involved citizens, students, experts, authorities, NGOs, and tourism agencies, Trentino became a cutting-edge province in terms of sustainable development.

Applying the European Green Deal. Is the Netherlands Fit for 55?

The new “Fit for 55” legislation aims to reach 55 % net emissions reduction target by 2030, making Europe the first emission-neutral continent. Is the Netherlands ready for “Fit for 55”?

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The History of International Sustainability Policy

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