A World of Plastic: Soon to an End?

8 million tons of plastic enter the world’s oceans every year. However, scientists say it is possible to slash 80% of that pollution by reducing the growth of production, improving waste collection, and investing in recyclables.

Waste Management: State of the Art and Future Emergencies

Waste production is one of the main environmental pressures because of its many drivers and impacts. Waste reduction is a priority and it needs to focus on waste management and lower waste production.

A Deposit Return System for Single-Use Plastic: What Are We Waiting For?

A Deposit Return System for single-use plastic can save us from a derailing waste management. “A Buon Rendere – molto più di un vuoto” tries to create such a system in Italy, to move towards a circular economy.

Circular Economy: Waste as a Secondary Raw Material

The linear economy model is no longer sustainable. By fully applying the circular economy model, two startups from Trentino, Italy, show how waste materials can be treated and converted into resources for different industries.

The (Long) Way to Recycle Photovoltaic Panels

Some innovations from Australia and Italy can offer a way to handle the tons of photovoltaic panels in use right now before they become waste.

8 billion. Are we not too many?

By 2050 there will probably be 10 billion people living on Earth. Without any development plan focused on energy and natural resources regeneration, aren’t we too many?

A Dump of Recyclable Waste

Why does the “Ischia-Podetti” dump keep on growing despite all the effort of the people of Trentino to improve their home waste separation?

Dirty Dutch Recycling