En Route To Sustainability

Sailing is embracing environmental sustainability, aiming to reduce its environmental impact and promote environmentally friendly practices with a focus on pollution reduction and marine biodiversity protection.

The Dirty Water Dilemma

“We’re Swimming in sh*t” was stated to indicate the massive amount of pollution in the oceans. We dive into the threads of sewage and chemical pollution to understand the challenges facing our waterways today.

12 Years Later: the Ghost of Fukushima’s Water

2011: an earthquake and a tsunami provoked a nuclear accident in Japan. To cool down the reactor was used seawater.
2023: that seawater is now coming back to the ocean. Is it safe for humans, flora and fauna?

A case study on the success of The Ocean Cleanup

In 2012, he had the idea to clean up the plastic waste of the oceans. In 2017, his idea gathered more than 31M$. Read the business review of The Ocean Cleanup case study.