Circular Economy: Waste as a Secondary Raw Material

The linear economy model is no longer sustainable. By fully applying the circular economy model, two startups from Trentino, Italy, show how waste materials can be treated and converted into resources for different industries.

Creating Water in the Desert: An Innovation to Fight Water Shortages in Extreme Droughts

A solution to fight severe droughts and water shortages might come from a Dutch Artist: SunGlacier, the first water multiplier that uses the sun to make ice and water.

Trentino’s Beefarming Reinvents Itself to Stay Ahead of the Hard Times

Diseases, plant products overuse, and adverse weather conditions are threatening honey bees. How did Trentino’s beekeeping industry reinvent itself to tackle the hard times?

Future-proof Dutch agriculture

Besides devastating extensive monocultures, can the Netherlands hope for a future-proof agriculture?

Green Rooftops: old-school solutions for today’s problems

Green rooftops cannot replace real forests and parks but they can create small biodiversity oases in highly urbanized areas and contribute to the fight against the climate crisis.

Stop alle microplastiche dalla nostra lavatrice!

A case study on the success of The Ocean Cleanup

In 2012, he had the idea to clean up the plastic waste of the oceans. In 2017, his idea gathered more than 31M$. Read the business review of The Ocean Cleanup case study.