Enhancing Alpine Landscapes

How can forests protect us from natural hazards in the Alps? Technical preventive solutions have been accompanied by biological measures related to careful silvicultural practices for decades.

Brazil’s Burning Beats

Brazil is grappling with heatwaves and water scarcity in the Northern region, where the Caatinga ecosystem is undergoing desertification. Climate action and water management strategies are urgently needed.

Losing Soil, Losing Opportunities. A Threat for Trentino

Soil loss in Italy is increasing, especially in Trentino close to cities and tourist areas. Green areas prevent this loss and provide benefits to the health of communities. It is time to reverse the trend.

Football World Cup and Massive Events’ Environmental Effects

Three continents and six countries for the 100th World Cup. It will be an emission-free event. Two statements that do not go hand in hand. We need to reshape the values sport teaches and add sustainability.

Dutch Cities to Hit 50 Degrees?

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) has released new climate scenarios that provide insight into what weather changes await the Netherlands in the coming decades as a result of climate change.