The EU Climate Agreement: Making the Polluter Pay

Towards a more ambitious European climate policy: To achieve a 55 % emission cut by 2030, the EU wants to make the polluter pay for its emissions.

The Energy Crisis is Pressuring Dairy Farms in Trentino and Veneto. What is the State of the Art?

The energy crisis halts milk and cheese production in mountain areas. State incentives for “multifunctional” farms can be effective against the ups and downs of the market and consumer demands.

Brazil’s 2023 Environmental Agenda: First Steps towards Reintegration

Lula is Brazil’s new official president. At COP 27 he delivered a strong environmental message to the world: “Brazil will stand for the Amazon and the indigenous people living in there”

Agritourism in Trentino: Hospitality and Simplicity in the Mountains

Agritourism is a symbol of Trentino, and it can help contrast the depopulation of mountain areas and the abandonment of agricultural activities.

Extreme Environmentalism: The Other Side of the Coin

Clashing with art is the new controversial form of environmentalism.