Who Compensates for Forest Fires?

Many companies and countries offset their greenhouse gas emissions by planting trees. But are forest fires included in national carbon budgets?

Bolivia’s Chiquitanía Running Out of Water

In the Chiquitanía (Bolivia), rivers, streams and lakes are disappearing because of water depleting and polluting farming practices at the expense of downstream local communities.

From prevention to action. Causes and consequences of forest fires in Italy

Prevention and adaptation are key to mitigate the risk of fires in Italy. How can we reduce the impact of forest fires on the environment and the society?

“This Continent of Smoke”. Australia’s bushfires exacerbated by the climate crisis

The climate crisis has broken the delicate balance of fire-prone Australian ecosystems, thus threatening the life of animals, plants, and humans.

Eco-Battles: Red Skies episodes

Adapt or burn. A look at the dramatic increase of wildfires in Italy to get ready for summer 2022

Droughts and high temperatures have raised the number of forest fires in the Alps. Unlike the fire-adapted Mediterranean environment, Alpine ecosystems are not ready for these events.