Climate-Friendly Bolivian Urban Agroecology to Achieve Local Food Security and Sovereignty in Bolivia

Implemented by certified communities, Bolivian urban agroecology is a future-proof form of farming that can be scaled up to help achieve local food security and sovereignty in the country.

Bolivia’s Chiquitanía Running Out of Water

In the Chiquitanía (Bolivia), rivers, streams and lakes are disappearing because of water depleting and polluting farming practices at the expense of downstream local communities.

Bolivian Agroecology in Harmony with Forest Conservation

In 2018-2019, wildfires destroyed many forested areas of the Chiquitania, Bolivia. Connecting agroecology, forest conservation and restoration, GreenMarked and PROBIOMA-PROBIOTEC set up a plant nursery and started transferring new trees to the wild forest.

An Agroecological Farm in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Two Bolivian college students tell us their experience in the agroecological farm of Santa Cruz de la Sierra supported by GreenMarked. Can agroecology help Bolivia achieve food security and reforest burned areas?

A traineeship in agroecology. The review of two Bolivian university students

Two engaging stories about the role of Bolivian agroecology in promoting sustainable development among the young generations.

Agroecology and social tree-planting to tackle the climate crisis. The story and view of a Bolivian agroecological producer

Our Agrecol Trees project in Bolivia is also a place for sharing authentic environmental stories. Read the story of Nelly: a farming community leader, a true land guardian and climate crisis fighter.