Water and trees… concrete and smog

Water crises, water bombs, and overbuilding. Can we design better, greener and more functional cities for our future? Nature and technology can help us: Have you ever heard of rain gardens?

Eyes on Fire

Explore how economic disparities and historical factors influence media coverage of environmental crises in Brazil, impacting the Amazon region.

A Deposit Return System for Single-Use Plastic: What Are We Waiting For?

A Deposit Return System for single-use plastic can save us from a derailing waste management. “A Buon Rendere – molto più di un vuoto” tries to create such a system in Italy, to move towards a circular economy.

Cats and Other Invaders: A Threat to Local Biodiversity

The Spanish government has approved a new Law regarding animal safety, but it does not consider Invasive species. What are they and why is it essential to deal correctly with them?