Bolivian Agroecology in Harmony with Forest Conservation

In 2018-2019, wildfires destroyed many forested areas of the Chiquitania, Bolivia. Connecting agroecology, forest conservation and restoration, GreenMarked and PROBIOMA-PROBIOTEC set up a plant nursery and started transferring new trees to the wild forest.

8 billion. Are we not too many?

By 2050 there will probably be 10 billion people living on Earth. Without any development plan focused on energy and natural resources regeneration, aren’t we too many?

Creating Water in the Desert: An Innovation to Fight Water Shortages in Extreme Droughts

A solution to fight severe droughts and water shortages might come from a Dutch Artist: SunGlacier, the first water multiplier that uses the sun to make ice and water.

CAREGA PROJECT: Local charcoal as a strategic tool for the bioeconomy of the Piccole Dolomiti Vicentine

The CAREGA Project offers a way to convert scraps of timber production into charcoal, thus from a production waste product into bioenergy.