2035: the death of fuel-burning cars?

Will all Europeans be driving an electric car by 2035. Will all fuel-burning cars be demolished? Other ways can help reach zero-emissions targets. Biofuels can already assure savings and fewer emissions.

Agroforestry to Fight Food Insecurity in Brazil

The high unemployment and the pandemic have led many Brazilians to a condition of food vulnerability. To tackle the hunger crisis, agroecological farmers like Ana Bovoy in São Paulo created a net of food distribution initiatives all over the country.

An Agroecological Farm in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Two Bolivian college students tell us their experience in the agroecological farm of Santa Cruz de la Sierra supported by GreenMarked. Can agroecology help Bolivia achieve food security and reforest burned areas?

Trentino’s Beefarming Reinvents Itself to Stay Ahead of the Hard Times

Diseases, plant products overuse, and adverse weather conditions are threatening honey bees. How did Trentino’s beekeeping industry reinvent itself to tackle the hard times?