African Swine Fever outbreak in Italy: should have we expected it?

The African Swine Fewer arrived in Italy at the beginning of the year, presumably from imported pork meat. This new outbreak confirms an indirect effect of our unsustainable lifestyle.

The environmental and cultural importance of species-rich mountain meadows and their ecological restoration

Meadows are a high-value element of the mountain landscape. Their conservation and restoration, however, requires a lot of maintenance, preservation, and protection.

Starting, shaping and consolidating projects: our 2021 year review

In 2021, many of our environmental ideas evolved into real projects. GreenMarked is not only an environmental blog and education platform! Here is a recap of our projects.

A participatory process for Trentino’s Sustainable Development

Thanks to a participatory process that involved citizens, students, experts, authorities, NGOs, and tourism agencies, Trentino became a cutting-edge province in terms of sustainable development.