The Spread and Migration of Avian Influenza

Avian influenza has struck nearly 50 million farm birds and more than 3500 wild animals all over Europe. The risk of transmission to other species is low, but intensive farming offers the perfect condition for spreading the virus.

The fine balance between humans and wildlife

Tragic encounters between humans and wildlife have happened too often in Italy. The delicate balance and coexistence between the two needs constant monitoring and prompt measures.

Healthier agroecosystems for the whole community

A vineyard or an apple orchard are not just agroindustrial areas to exploit for food production or the livelihood and profits of farmers. They are multifunctional agroecosystems that affect the quality of life and health local citizens.

The Loneliness of Face Masks

Face masks against Covid-19 must be used to protect the public health. Yet they can threaten the health of oceans and drylands if littered.

Salute, ambiente e agroecologia in Tocantis, Brasile