Catalyzing Environmental Changes: The Potential of Literature

Can literature help transmit the importance and need to change our lifestyle to tackle the environmental crisis and save the planet?

Eco-Villages 2.0: Opportunity or Danger?

Eco-villages connect people and nature to create regenerative, more than sustainable communities. Differently from the original ones of the ‘70s, Eco-Villages 2.0 are orchestrated through internet and artificial intelligence.

Born in 2022. Officially Building Up our Environmental Organization

With the birth of ECONTROVERTIA APS, the GreenMarked platform and Social Media Detox moved to a whole new level. Have a look at our accomplishments in 2022 and get your 2023 membership card!

How to Change the Status Quo of Packaging

Big changes to packaging laws are on their way in Europe, but Italian industries and supermarkets do not really like them.