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GreenMarked is more than an environmental blog. We publish homemade articles, comics, podcasts, and organize green educational events and tree planting campaigns.

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💚 Some of them planted them for themselves, others for their secret crushes. Some jealousy tagged their fruit tree to secure their future harvests and sales within the center.

👨‍🌾 What an intensive workday at Cochabamba's Maria Cristina educational center for young people with disabilities: manually mowing the tall grass, digging holes, planting the trees, watering them, adding organic fertilizer, covering the hole, pruning and tagging the trees.

🌳 What's the result of the hard work? 15 new lemon, apple, pomegranate, membrillo, pacay and peach trees added to the 17 of last year. That is a beautiful, diversed and growing orchard of 32 trees within the perimeter of the center.

👥 When we celebrate Labour Day, let's not forget the different and wonderful work that young people and adults with disabilities can do.

Updates coming soon on our Agrecol Trees Project webpage.
Botanical discoveries of new species drive mankind toward an incessant need for cataloging and determination. Species that have always lived in a certain territory are finally distinguished from others, and given a name. The examples are many and all charged with pathos of adventure. A true botanical version of a treasure hunt.
Having lost all of their close relatives, the Camarca retirement home staff virtually becomes the new family of the elderly guests. Psychotherapists, cleaning ladies, nurses, gate keepers, administrators and the guests form together this beautiful #AgrecolTrees community.

The frosts in last years’ Bolivian winter halted the growth of the cherimoya and lemon trees, so we decided to plant more cold-resistant fruit trees this year. After a long pruning and green maintenance session, last month we therefore added 20 new apple, peach, pacay, quince and pomegranate trees all along the home’s perimeter wall.

Thanks to a successful collaboration deal with Cochabamba’s Department of Social Welfare, a stronger communication with our point of contact and excellent teamwork with the local gardeners, a total of 47 lovely fruit trees are now growing healthy within the Caramarca retirement home. We can’t wait to try the first fruits of this rising orchard!
📵 Due campi di digital detox per una vacanza di vera libertà e socialità! 😆 ☀️

A Grumes, Val di Cembra, dal 22 al 23 giugno per over 35 e dal 26 al 28 luglio per giovani da 18 a 35 anni.

Vai al sito per scoprire i programmi e iscriverti!

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Sailing is embracing environmental sustainability through the efforts of World Sailing, its governing body. Through its Sustainability Agenda 2030, launched in 2016, the federation aims to reduce the sport's environmental impact and promote environmentally friendly practices, with focus on renewable energy, pollution reduction, and marine biodiversity protection. Key goals include using recyclable materials for boats, eliminating single-use plastics, and integrating sustainability into educational programs. These efforts not only protect marine ecosystems but also inspire other industries and communities to follow suit, demonstrating that sport can be a powerful driver of positive change for our planet.
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