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Social Friendship heals the limits of modern individualism. Pope Francis shows us a new world, a new diet of existence, a new way of life that embraces the horizon of a mankid that is friendly to its neighbor . The closest neighbor is indeed Planet Earth, of which we are an integral part.
How can we make this evolutionary leap? The Encyclical "Brothers All" gives us enlightening advice that we will explore, at least in part.
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Desalination by reverse osmosis is the most common method of obtaining potable water from the sea. Already widely used in the Middle East, the Pacific Countries, America and even Europe, it ensures water security in many countries. However, it is too early to call this method "what will save us from global water shortage" because it is still too energy inefficient.
🇮🇹 Venti nuove piantine sono arrivate due mesi fa alla comunità certificata agroecologica di Azirumarca (Cochabamba, Distretto 9). Qui l’impatto ambientale del progetto #AgrecolTrees è prevalente: incentiviamo la coltivazione di frutticole, monitoriamo la loro crescita e promuoviamo lo scambio di conoscenze e competenze agronomiche per la cura degli alberelli. Che bello vedere una contadina presentarsi con suo figlio al giorno della distribuzione. Proprio con queste azioni quotidiane conoscenza e cultura ambientale e passione per un tipo di agricoltura rigenerativa possono essere tramandate alle prossime generazioni.

Se hai voglia di scoprire di più sul progetto e comprare una nuova piantina, vieni a trovarci al nostro stand, questo sabato 8 luglio, durante la fiera Porteghi e Spiazi di Lavis (TN). Oltre alle piantine ecologiche potrai sfogliare e acquistare il libretto a fumetti “L’Avisio nel Tempo”, iscriverti al campo estivo Social Media Detox e scoprire tutte le nostre altre iniziative!
We are slowly becoming familiar with the possibilities of artificial intelligence. We ask Siri about the weather or have ChatGPT type our work emails. But what lies behind the innovation? This article sheds light on the dark sides of AI, revealing the potential dangers, ethical dilemmas and societal consequences of the widespread use of AI. Is it worth the price?
Brazil's rich cultural tapestry is interwoven with a diverse array of ethnic groups, each contributing to the nation's vibrant heritage .
Among these, the Quilombolas stand out as a testament to the resilience and tenacity of their slaved African ancestors who resisted oppression and sought freedom during the dark chapters of history.
​​Con l’estate arrivano gli incendi. Sud Italia, Spagna, Grecia sono esempi di casi non isolati in cui le fiamme divampano nella macchia mediterranea bruciando tutto e tutti.
Sono naturali questi incendi? Alcuni si ed altri no!
Oltre a ricordare che la piromania è reato, vi chiediamo: come si possono combattere questi eventi, questi piromani?
Summer heatwaves turn out to be a common, expected and predictable phenomenon for the whole of Italy. It is in recent weeks that the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security published the new National Climate Change Adaptation Plan. Will this be a definite turning point for our Country? In the meantime, the heat persists, and even small provincial towns far from urban centers are affected by global climate dynamics.
In the fourth article of a series about traditional populations in Brazil we finally meet the Ribeirinhos communities. Discover Amazon's riverside communities. Learn how they emerged from Brazil's rubber crisis, adapting their traditional ways to a changing world . Explore their unique lifestyle, challenges in isolation, and the impacts of environmental disasters. Dive into the story of resilience and deep connections with rivers.
Nothing new on the forestry front! Science and technology are constantly picking up from past actions, especially in hydrogeological prevention and safety. Forests, materials, and technologies change, but the needs of mountain people remain unchanged. Our ancestors knew well these secrets. Will we do better than them?
​​The Glacier Caravan ended recently. This campaign made a 6-stage journey to monitor the dramatic retreat of glaciers due to the climate crisis. We will retrace the 6 stages through as many satellite images of each glacier , allowing everyone to see how dramatic the situation is with each passing year.
2011: an earthquake and a tsunami provoked a nuclear accident in the district of Fukushima, Japan. After hours of struggling, to cool down the reactor it must be used seawater.

2023: seawater is now coming back to the ocean, despite numerous protests in Japan, China and South Corea. The question everyone is puzzled about is: "Will it be safe for marine flora and fauna, and especially for us?”
The European Union has taken an important step towards promoting transparency and consumer empowerment by agreeing on a pioneering set of measures aimed at tackling greenwashing and increasing consumer awareness about product sustainability and durability.
This development follows a global trend of growing environmental awareness and the need to ensure that environmental claims match real efforts to combat climate change and protect our planet.