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🇺🇸 Packaging is one of the most pollutant manufacturers because plastic can be easily dispersed.
To move towards a circular economy, we need to reduce the number of plastic packages used.
Let's start to reduce the use of plastic in daily actions.
The easiest way is to carry your own bag when going shopping! Also, buying glass bottles, which will be returned to the factory and used again. Another example is to buy food with a paper box, or no box at all.
There is a vast number of strategies to reduce plastic consumption. What is yours?
Tell us in the comments!
🇺🇸 The number of forest fires rapidly rose in the last few years, especially in Alpine forests.
That happened because of the development of favorable conditions in mountain areas, such as droughts and high temperatures, which can trigger and expand fires.
Differently from the Mediterranean, where the ecosystem adapted to survive forest fires, the Alpine environment is not ready for these events.
In "Adapt or burn" we investigate through the 2021 wildfires in Italy and Europe!
🇺🇸 Winter 2022 is officially in the top 10 driest winters and forest fires in Italy have quadrupled compared to last year winter season.

To tackle this urgent issue, we will dedicate four weeks to wild fires. Two of the next four Friday articles will be published through a picture story!

Do not miss the opening of the second #EcoBattles episode this Friday! Get ready for the new adventure of the Eco-Team: Red-Skies - A sea of fire.
🇺🇸 The countdown is over. Officer Green Wolf and his teammates are urgently needed to fight the raging wildfires of the Italian peninsula.
Will the crew be ready to fight this natural disaster in the driest year ever?
Read the new adventure of the Eco-Team: Red Skies - A Sea of Fire to find it out!
🇺🇸 What happened to the Pyro-Gang?!

They should have known that, due to the lack of rain, starting fires in the deep forest is forbidden and now they are totally wet and frozen!

Read our #EcoBattles "Red Skies” comic to learn about wildfires risk and management in Italy!

Episode 2 on Friday, April 8!
🇺🇸 Fires are a live element of the Australian ecosystem, allowing to the local flora to sprout and regenerate.
The climate crisis broke the balance of these fragile ecosystems, threatening the life of animals, plants, and humans too.
Here, we analyze the deep effects of wildfires in this “continent of smoke”.
🇺🇸 The real nightmare of forest fires: paperwork.
Do you know why officer GreenWolf is dealing with thousands of documents?

Find the answer on Friday, in the second chapter of Eco Battles: Red Skies!
🇺🇸 Red Skies (Episode #2) – The Fiery Devil Sword

Green Wolf, Mr. Maul, Streamshot and Lead Feather encounter the true responsible of the Italian wildfires: the Scorching Pirates. A first victorious fight is not enough to stop them. The Eco-Team and the local firemen must think of a new strategy to defeat the ruthless arsonists and stop the spreading fires.
🇺🇸 Mission accomplished, now it is time to relax!

Enemies were defeated and people saved, Officer Green Wolf and his teammates can now relax on the beach.
Also, the return of rain in Italy will guarantee a low risk of wildfires at least until summertime.
But do not worry, the Eco Team will be back!
🇺🇸 Prevention and adaptation are the keys to mitigate the risk of fires.
As the last chapter of our period dedicated to forest fires, we described the latest situation in Italy, focusing on how to reduce the impact of these events on both the environment and the society .
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🇺🇸 A new style for our homepage!

We recently updated the home of our website. There, you will find a new, clear and well-organized layout for each of the many projects we are carrying out. Scroll down and you will also see our social media platforms, including a plugin to our Instagram page and our last six monthly newsletters.
Give us YOUR feedback in the comments chat so that we can keep on improving the main digital space of our platform!
🇺🇸 Construction sites are an important source of plastic pollution in urban environments. Plastic fences and packaging materials suffer from weathering phenomena and slowly become part of the environment nearby.
Today, on Earth Day 2022, we decided to increase awareness on this too-much forgotten topic .
🇺🇸 Thanks to the Agrecol Trees project, our Team has joined the Voices for Climate Action program led by four Southern Civil Society Organizations – Akina Mama wa Afrika, Fundación Avina, Slum Dwellers International and SouthSouthNorth – and two Global CSOs – Hivos and WWF-Netherlands.
The program, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ five-year strategic partnership: “Power of Voices”, includes the organization of dialogs between NGOs carrying out climate actions in a selected pool of countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Tunisia, Kenya, Zambia and Indonesia.
These dialogs give us a nice opportunity to exchange meaningful content with African and Southern American environmental associations and to strengthen our network in the Netherlands.
In a way, our #GreenTalks have moved onto an expert-dedicated space. As a result of the first dialog, all participating movements reflected on the COP 26 results and the potential solutions to overcome shortcomings and increase the impact at the next COP 27.
🇺🇸Our #AgrecolTrees project is not only an ecological business. It is also a place for sharing authentic environmental stories.
This is the story of Nelly, a leader of the “Cercado” farming community, a true land Guardian and climate crisis fighter.

“I used to grow flowers in the Tunari Park and sell them at the city markets. I would fumigate my fields with insecticides and fungicides and contaminate the Park, which represents the lungs and water reserve of Cochabamba […]. After I fell, my health and the health of my family and my children became my first and uttermost concern [].
Receiving a tree as a gift is a blessing. Never in our life has somebody gifted us a fruit tree. You plant it, and you will see and collect its fruits in two or three years. And you are adding oxygen to the local atmosphere.”
🇺🇸 Joining the Voices for Climate Action program allows us to empower both the #GreenTalks and the #AgrecolTree projects.
The #GreenTalks became a pool of ideas to discuss among experts the most stainable way to meet some of the Sustainable Development Goals.
The first dialog section picked up numerous reflections about the gaps in the COP 26.
The second dialog session drew a roadmap for the next COP 27 emphasizing inclusion and equality between generations and between the north and the south of the world. Also, the role of climate accountability in the green transition for all the countries and how creating green jobs would help young people in the Global South.
🇺🇸 The voluntary carbon market (“VCM”) offers compensation for CO₂ emissions. To work properly it needs to be effective and transparent. How is transparency demonstrated?

An interview with Emma van de Ven, Strategy Lead at ACORN (Rabobank), explained how the VCM works.
🇮🇹 Una piccola-grande novità
in data 17/03/2022 tutto il GreenMarked Team si è ritrovato ed è stata fondata un'Associazione di Promozione Sociale: Econtrovertia APS.
Un nome curioso che rispecchia una visione adatta a questi tempi, di cui crediamo che il confronto critico e il contraddittorio possano essere mezzi idonei per trovare equilibrio e coerenza all'interno delle attività umane per il benessere e lo sviluppo tanto sociale quanto ambientale.

Tutti i progetti portati avanti sotto l'ala di GreenMarked, come #AgrecolTrees e i #GreenTalks, e sotto al @socialmediadetox, hanno quindi trovato la loro collocazione sotto l'appena nata Econtrovertia APS e continueranno ad essere portati avanti, ora anche con un risvolto di ufficialità.
#AgrecolTree is stories of life . The last time we talked to Nelly, today we chatted with Christian and Dora, two University students who chose our business partner PROBIOMA-PROBIOTEC for their internship.
"[...] I wanted to learn about agroecology and the ecological management of organic crops", said Cristian, while Dora "will analyze the impact of agroecological management on pests and diseases severity in order to promote agroecology as a mean to optimize potato farming".
Two engaging stories about the role of agroecology in promoting sustainable development among the young generations.
🇺🇸 Earth overshoot day 2022
On Sunday, May 15th, Italy passed the overshoot day, which is the day Italy consumed the total amount of resources it would have had for a whole year. It means that since two days ago, Italians are in debt with their future generations.
This happened two days earlier than in 2021, thus confirming the past trend.
Is that a good news? Absolutely not.
Right now Italy needs more than one Earth to fulfil the resources demand of its people.
Are there worse countries than Italy? Of course, but that cannot be an excuse to consume precious resources as much as they want. The roads towards sustainability needs to be signed once again.

Photo: StreetArt by Egeon in Trento
🇺🇸 The subtle balance between humans and nature needs to be monitored constantly. Too many times, it is said about tragic encounters with wildlife in nature and even in the cities.
In Trentino, wolves and bears are coming back to the forest. Farmers are worried about the damages they will cause.
In Rome, citizens were hostages of wild boars even before the Swine fever appeared, and recently it arose the Monkey smallpox, causing concerns.
It is clear that human-animal coexistence is an issue that needs rapid action!