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🇮🇹 Dopo un anno dall'inizio del nostro "Carbon Tree Project" abbiamo distribuito 69 piantine a una sessantina di cittadini boliviani in sette siti di piantumazione dell'area metropolitana di Cochabamba: quattro comunità agroecologiche certificate, due centri educativi e un centro di cura e recupero per malati di Alzheimer.

Le piantine sono state distribuite in n. 5 ordini grazie alla solidarietà di donatori italiani, olandesi e statunitensi. Vi ringraziamo di cuore per credere e sostenere concretamente il nostro progetto, la lotta alla crisi climatica e la produzione agroecologica boliviana!

Vi sono già quattro piantine prenotate per l’ordine n. 6., che verrà inviato ad AGRECOL Andes appena prima di Natale. Se avete voglia di fare un regalo etico, autentico ed ecosostenibile a un amico o un parente, questo è il momento ideale per acquistare un piantina di limone, avocado o cirimoia! Lo aggiungeremo con piacere al nostro sesto ordine annuale!
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🇺🇸 Why is my life green (and blue) -marked?

"I help building and expanding green communities"

Listen to sociologist and emotional intelligence trainer, Riccardo Codevilla: our long-lasting collaborator. Riccardo is a gifted speaker and has been working with us for three years already: from our Social Media Detox projects to our Green Webinars.
2021 is coming to end and it’s time for new year’s purposes. What’s better than trying to be more environmentally friendly?
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▶️ Free access to our webinars on environmental matters and digital detox strategies.

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▶️ A Bolivian agroecological carbon tree (avocado, lemon or chirimoya).
When it comes to rural land abandonment in mountain areas, modern agroecology might be the solution to restore those landscapes that have been managed for centuries and now are left alone.
How can agroecology help in handling mountain desertion? Find out the answer in the article!
🇺🇸 Dear friends, subscribers and environmental fans,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas feast and New Year’s Eve celebration. 2021 ends with a series of climate-crisis-related natural disasters around the world and 2022 starts with Omicron raging across Europe, U.S. and beyond. The Coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis effects and tech giants’ increasing occupation of private, public and work spaces will still be the protagonists in 2022.

Besides valuing time with our beloved ones, doing the things that we truly care of and putting aside the superfluous, another key lesson-learned from the Covid-era is to clearly distinguish between what we want and what we can do. This is true also for us environmentalists and for our environmental actions.

As GreenMarked, we take all these key points seriously and look carefully at the 2022 macro-scenarios. We will continue on developing our projects with a down-to-earth perspective and a goal-oriented mindset, acknowledging our resource and outreach limits but also pushing them to increase our socio-environmental impact. We will do that by consolidating our blog and improving our social media platforms, by organizing more Green Talks and experimenting new types of environmental storytelling. We will strengthen our agroecological tree planting campaigns, continue our Social Media Detox retreats and invest more in networking. Undoubtedly, we will try out and have fun with new initiatives and collaborations and we will be happy to share them with you.

2022 starts as it starts but the year is long and we look forward to all the wonderful environmental news, events and adventures that will come. Even with Corona, the ongoing climate crisis and the tech giants’ dictatorship there will still be space for serene outdoor get-togethers, Niche innovations to fight the climate collapse, independent environmental communication and authentic environmental entrepreneurship. If you also like that space, keep on following and supporting us in 2022.

I wish you a happy new year.

Mark L. Miller
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🇺🇸 The climate crisis has been defined by the 6th IPCC Assessment Report as a 'Red Code for Humanity'. Governments and Institutions have been setting global guidelines to face this emergency. However, there is the need for local measurements, too.
Trentino took on this challenge by setting the '_Trentino Clima 2021-2023_' Plan, which provides the provincial administration with guidelines to contrast the ongoing climate crisis.
This list of measures spreads from strictly technical actions to steps to improve education and involve people to tackle the climate crisis at a local level
. This case of shared governance could become the first example in Trentino of virtuous engagement between public and private bodies in dealing with the climate crisis.
🇺🇸 Thanks to our #blogboost project, our GreenMarked blog got a fresh new look 🤓
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🇺🇸 Five golden threads are the five steps we, as GreenMarked, have been using to find our path and spread agroecology to people in Trentino, from the young generations to the old ones.
In his analysis, our friend Riccardo Codevilla observed the road behind us and outlined what we still need to achieve to prosper.
🇺🇸 Our Agrecol Trees project wouldn't be possible without the partnership with the AGRECOL Andes Foundation. Our local partners are key for delivering our adopted plants to the agroecological farming communities and social centres that joined the project. The network that AGRECOL Andes created in Cochabamaba (Bolivia) is of incredible value and we are proud to be working with them.
When we are there, on field, we also help them out with their bolsaludable project. Every Friday since august 2020, AGRECOL Andes carries out a door-to-door delivery of agroecological products. Started to compensate the loss caused by the closure of local markets and fairs during the first pandemic wave, the service has continued without interruptions for more nearly a year and half. Thanks to the determination and consistency of AGRECOL the help of the Italian association ASPEm and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, the project has expanded and consolidated.
What will happen next?
We’re confident that our carbon trees will have the first fruits in a couple of years and that these will be sold along with many others as a part of the bolsaludable project, contributing to the development of the local economy as well.