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Circular Economy: Waste as a Secondary Raw Material

The linear economy model is no longer sustainable. By fully applying the circular economy model, two startups from Trentino, Italy, show how waste materials can be treated and converted into resources for different industries.

Spain’s Wetlands at Risk: We need different Agricultural Practices to Ensure Conservation

Southern Europe countries, like Spain, are sensitive to drought, which is an impending threat due to global warming. Wetlands are even more sensitive and key for biodiversity and human life. What can we do to protect them?

Even the Netherlands Faces Imminent Shortage of Drinking Water

The Netherlands is renowned for its water management. Drinking water flows from the tap, but not for long if no immediate action is taken. What is happening in the water country per excellence?

The Alpine Drought Observatory

Eurac Research launched ADO, a drought observatory capable of monitoring precipitation and water shortages all over the Alps.

Drought in Italy: Perception and Reality

The severe winter drought left most of Italy with critically low levels of water. Yet, for most Italians droughts are still seen as a temporary problem.

Like Dwarfs Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

What are Monumental Trees and how can they be recognized? Like for our grandparents, it is up to us to remember them, protect them and value them for the good of society.

Social Media Detox

Social Media Detox

The Social Media Detox aims to fight social media addiction, create an environment that promotes offline concentration, face-to-face relationships and a lifestyle more connected to nature and the mountains. Want to know more about the past and the next editions? Check out the dedicated page!

Agrecol Trees

Agrecol Trees

GreenMarked is involved directly in the fight to climate change with the Agrecol Tree project. Plant or gift an Agrecol Tree to offset your CO2 emissions and support Bolivian certified agroecological producers!

Green Talks

Green Talks

Sharpen your environmental awareness and know-hows, and stay up-to-date on the latest global environmental events with our collection of Green Talks!

Eco Battles Comics

Eco Battles Comics

Follow the adventures of the Eco-Team in our breathtaking Eco-Battles comic!