Mount Bondon Digital Detox

Mount Bondon Digital Detox is a project that aims to fight digital addiction, create an environment that promotes offline concentration, face-to-face relationships and a lifestyle more connected to nature and the mountains. It also strives to favor new friendships between young people from Trento and European cities

Ok, so no social media, no internet, no smartphones for three days.
It’s like being in an outdoor jail with 20 other extremely annoying young people.
You’re basically stuck in a phone-signal dead zone surrounded by forests with falling leaves in the cold mountains of Trentino.

Short recap video of our Social Media Detox – Summer Camp in August 2018

What’s even worse, one half of the organized activities seem quite boring and the other half you need to google it. They may be useful to tackle digital addiction but have you actually ever heard of:

  • A geocaching hunt in the mountain woods
  • A mountain theater lab
  • An emotional intelligence and mindfulness seminar
  • A chill-out evening with Brulè wine and chestnuts
  • An offline digital climbing competition
  • A mountain ecology excursion
  • A Plogging race
  • A Toga night party
  • A Nature-Deficit-Disorder workshop?

Anyway, if you’re too lazy to ask Google or Ecosia for the description of each activity, you can check this document we kinda prepared for you.


Ok, seriously. If you actually scrolled down to this point it means that you’re either crazy or that you understand irony and you really want to take part to Detox. In this second case, we’re extremely happy to welcome in our tribe! Before that, however, you need to fill in this enrollment form. It’s nothing big but we want to know more about you, your motivation to participate and your digital addiction level.

If you need more info about the Detox, join the Telegram group (@socialmediadetox) or write us an email (!


Oh, almost forgot. If you’re one of those people that need to know all the micro details of everything before applying to random initiatives, you can also check this review article . If you know some Italian it may help you out understanding what kind of atmosphere you will breathe at the Detox 😉

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The Mount Bondon Digital Detox is a project organized by APS Alla Ribalta and GreenMarked, and co-financed by BIM Trento.